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this one was sorta dispointing

who would of thought the gang got so far

holy shit there's a shit load of people that worked on this

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just right after playing the game i loved it the art is amazing (expasilly pinkie pie and rainbow dash i love how u did rd's hair sorry if any spelling errors) i love the end scene after all the sex i thought he was going to jump out the window or something

9 months later all the ladys :here's your sons!! him: holy mother of shiting raping god

so much people worked on this

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Dear zanzlanz,

Um bro your awesome send me a message and also send me a friend request i'm not very well known but hey your the best man so ok plus one time i ask you if mineblocks 2 is coming you said its up or something i didn't know if you mean the demo or the real actull game that's finally came

your friend,

Zanzlanz responds:

Hia 00800 ;D

I don't sent requests, but I accept all :)
Mine Blocks 2 is in Alpha - just started

yo bro i have alot of question first do you get a lot of messages, how long is it in till mineblocks 2 comes out its been i year or 2 i know its hard to get games publish but what do i know i dont even know how to so reply this ok.

Zanzlanz responds:

I get quite a few messages a day, yes.
Mine Blocks 2 is just started.

you always seem to respind to people's comment explain

Zanzlanz responds:

I wouldn't want to ignore someone, you know? :D

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there's a five finger death punch symbol and fluttershy

brings my jaw drop and a tear roll down my eye

he gets fucking abducted by aliens holy shit is there anything this guy cant do

message me dont have much to say but its nice to have some messages

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